Little Explorers

In our nursery, we have a designated baby room for children aged under two years. This provides our youngest children with a designated space to play, sleep and enjoy meals. Each baby is assigned a key person who will link closely with parents and carry out most of the baby’s care routines – such as settling to sleep, nappy changing and bottle feeding. The role of the key person is to offer care and consistency to the baby, so they form a strong attachment. This is essential to allow a baby to feel safe, secure, and happy when they are away from their home environment.

Once children are ready (usually around the age of two years, but is totally flexible), they are ready to join the older children in our three family group rooms. These rooms cater for children aged from around two years to when they leave for school. This mixed age approach has been proven in extensive research to be of significant benefit to children’s learning, confidence, and cognitive ability.