Our nursery curriculum is based on an extensive amount of research about what children need to learn within the early years phase. We aim to equip children with the skills and attributes they need to support their future learning. When children leave our nursery, they are confident, inquisitive, articulate, independent learners.

We actively encourage children to explore, investigate, become curious, persevere when tasks are challenging, experiment with different ways of doing things, and to become confident in their self-belief and ability to succeed. Our teaching styles inspire children to ask questions, enrich their vocabulary through conversation, experiment with new tasks, take measured risks (under supervision), and develop resilience and confidence to keep trying.

We focus strongly on supporting children’s language development as speaking, listening, communicating, questioning, reasoning and discussions underpin future life skills and learning opportunities. We role model effective language when we converse with children and actively encourage, from the youngest age, children to listen to one another, speak fluently, and ask questions. Younger children learn greatly from older children, and we see that our mixed age groups significantly accelerate the progress young children make in their language development.

We enable children to form positive relationships with one another and demonstrate effective behaviours, such as taking turns, sharing, showing kindness and empathy, and being respectful of the needs of others. We want our children to be kind, polite, respectable citizens who have strong moral values and recognise the impact of their words, behaviours, and actions on others. We teach children to be polite to others and frequently practise our social skills during group activities, mealtimes and when older children are mixing with younger children.

We want children to learn about the local community and the wider world. We respect the needs of others and introduce children to diversity and equality in age-appropriate ways. We engage with people from different backgrounds and teach children the importance of celebrating our similarities and differences. Everyone is welcome in our nursery and we actively teach children to value others. We promote the British values as we empower children to have a voice, to be heard, and to have confidence in sharing their ideas. We introduce the concept of democracy as we help children to learn about the power of individual choice and how this can influence decisions.

We have on-site extracurricular activities that enable our children to explore opportunities that extend them and give them more breadth to their learning. Our bespoke extra-programme is delivered through a mixture of specialist external providers and our own nursery staff (where they have specialist knowledge and skills in a particular area). These activities are included within the nursery fees and available for all children to be involved.

The extra-curricular activities we offer include Tiny Mites, Jo Jingles, Kidactive, The Signing Company, Junior Masterchef and French.